Dear friend,

We want you to know that Alma en Pena stays with you. In these days that we are all confined at our homes, Alma en Pena remains at your side from social networks, and from our website. For your peace of mind, we want to inform you about the current situation in Alma en Pena.

Alma en Pena`s website is open 24 hours

You can visit it and place your orders at any time. We cannot assure you the delivery in 48/72 hours as we have been doing until now, as the transport, may suffer some delay, but despite this, we are working almost normally.

Measures taken for workers due to COVID-19

Closure of the physical store at Ayala, 34 street in Madrid, in compliance with Royal Decree 463/2020, published by the government on March 14th, and declaring a state of alarm in Spanish territory. Do not worry about the deadlines to make changes or returns as we will give 15 days more to make changes until the normal operation resumes.

The office workers have been teleworking for two weeks.

Obviously, warehouse workers cannot work at home. Trying to protect your health, we have taken several measures, reducing the workers that go to the warehouse, and we have also reduced the tasks that are carried out reducing the time that they are at work. Warehouse people who are active now are going fewer days. Also, they only come to prepare orders and carry out web procedures.

Our customer service department is also teleworking and watching that everything runs like clockwork. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email ( or by phone (91 732 59 58). We ask for understanding in these times of uncertainty and hope that normal activity will be restored soon.

Changes and returns of online orders

At this time, you have no problem making changes and returns on our website. In any case, we provide you a period of 30 days since you receive the item, instead of the usual 14 days, so that you can make your purchases with complete peace of mind.

Also, as you may know, Alma en Pena have presence in thousands of stores around the world. If for any reason you need to contact them to resolve specific questions, we can help you get them or get in touch.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of any unforeseen or inconvenient that may occur during these exceptional days.

We thank all our workers, both the office workers, who have adapted to teleworking superbly and the warehouse ones who have rowed to make everything work. Even as the store staff, who nervously observe everything at their homes

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